Finding art and beauty in all little things.

Hi, I’m Rina. An artist and designer who loves to write. I’m currently working on my first fiction YA novel that I hope to publish in late 2021.

Accepting Freelance Work

This year has been challenging. Not just creatively, but for my mental and physical health as well. I spent a lot of time (nearly two months) building out, only to fail at the one thing I set out to do: Get clients, and work as a full time business owner. However, I’m not in … Continue reading Accepting Freelance Work


My expertise is in a minimalistic logo and artistic touch. I’m trained in color theory, hue variation, and traditional art theory. I have a Pantone Color Score of 8.I specialize in:Logo DesignColor Theory and AnalysisData AnalysisBrand DevelopmentConsulting

Developing content

Creating content is a process, and it is not the easiest of processes. As I work to rebuild and relaunch my personal brand, I’ve had to come to terms with what works, what didn’t work, and how I can improve to move forward. All businesses have ups and downs, and when the world is in … Continue reading Developing content


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