Finding art and beauty in all little things.

Hi, I’m Rina. An artist and designer who loves to write. I’m currently working on my first fiction YA novel that I hope to publish in late 2021.

It’s Not Just You

Originally posted on The Daily Dahlia:
Confession: probably my biggest pet peeve on the planet is when people start a question with “Am I the only one who…?” No. You’re not. You’re not the only one who writes that way, reads that way, likes that food, likes that band, thinks Benedict Cumberbatch sounds like a…

Accepting Freelance Work

This year has been challenging. Not just creatively, but for my mental and physical health as well. I spent a lot of time (nearly two months) building out, only to fail at the one thing I set out to do: Get clients, and work as a full time business owner. However, I’m not in … Continue reading Accepting Freelance Work


My expertise is in a minimalistic logo and artistic touch. I’m trained in color theory, hue variation, and traditional art theory. I have a Pantone Color Score of 8.I specialize in:Logo DesignColor Theory and AnalysisData AnalysisBrand DevelopmentConsulting


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