Bohemian Style: How to dress chic this Summer

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Guest Post: Dear Lover Fashion Clothes
Nothing signals a carefree style quite like the Bohemian style. Beloved for its earthy color palette
and fluid silhouette, this whimsical staple has passed the trend category, becoming a perennial

While boho dresses are available throughout the year, designers have made countless
riffs on this classic and timeless style for the summer. Want to unleash that inner bohemian
goddess? Here are several ways to dress boho chic this summer.

Accessories Are Key

Accessories are always crucial whether you want to create a complete boho look or add a
bohemian touch. From layering beads to oversized sunglasses, you are sure to transform your
outfit into a fab.

Natural materials and handcrafted items, including wooden beads and leather, create a classic
boho look. The more unique your accessories appear, the better. Opting for a leather bag and
hooping earrings will bring your boho outfit to life effortlessly.

Select A Beautiful Bohemian Dress

One of the easiest ways to dress boho chic this summer is getting a boho dress from wholesale women’s clothing. Here you will find everything from floaty maxi dresses to funky prints and earthy tones to add bohemian vibes to your style. Wearing a dress with bell sleeves will completely encapsulate your boho dreams.

Embrace Earthy Hues

While natural materials make for a fabulous boho outfit, the earth tones also remain a crucial element. If you are not a fan of loud, bright colors, take advantage of the creams, gold, soft greens, and browns that speak boho style. Add natural colored leather accessories from wholesale boutique clothing, including handbags and shoes in tan or brown color to match the earthy feel perfectly. Stay stylish and modern with a structured leather handbag, or select a more natural style to complete your boho look.

Photos provided by Dear Lover Fashion Clothing

Step Into Summer Sandals

Sandals scream summer and make a perfect pairing for most outfits during the warmer months. Also, they can be an excellent match for your cream boho dress and fringed leather handbag. 

The ideal boho accessories include sandals with beading, fringing, and chains. But if you want a more subtle approach, strappy or leather sandals will ensure you achieve a similar fabulous look.

Layer Up with Slouchy Cardigans

A perfect layering companion for most outfits is a slouchy cardigan. It keeps warm throughout winter and is excellent when the sunsets during summer. To bring out bohemian style, select an oversized look.

Vintage Tees Are a Must

Looking to incorporate boho touches in your outfit without embellishments and floaty materials? A perfect way of giving the nod to the era without going all out is wearing a vintage band tee. The trend started in the 60s and 70s, and you can perfectly express your artsy self via these tees. Use your vintage graphic tee with ankle boots and flared jeans for a complete boho look.

Styling, Outfit and Photos provided by Rina Lo*

If you want to unleash your inner bohemian goddess, then learning how to dress boho chic this summer is a great idea. Boho style has been known as an alternative everyday fashion for many years.

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