My top 5 games of 2019

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2019 was a fantastic year for me-as far as gaming is concerned.

I played a ton of games, from puzzle type, to RPG’s and action-adventure. Now, these are just the games that were released this year that I happened to love the most, and not a list of all the games I’ve played or experienced.


Here are my top 5 games of 2019:

1: Untitled Goose Game

Goose Game is a delight to play through. Despite it’s meme-like tenacity, the game it self has wonderful puzzles, an easy learning curve that is so user intuitive that you actually enjoy the game as you get to know the mechanics. Personally, being able to annoy your neighbors and steal their belonging’s is really what appealed to me. I played it for around 10-15 hours and managed to beat it rather quickly. Yet like a quality meal or good movie, I felt satisifed and that the game was perfect. I only hope that they begin to add more on to it and expand the goose universe.

2: Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem Three Houses. Or where I want to wife every single gorgeous character. This game is more than just strategy and war-time mechanics, it has a quality storyline, and is a great dating sim. At first I wasn’t a fan of Dorothea, but time-skip Dorothea is super relatable and kind. This game really made me interested in the Fire Emblem series, and I love it’s replayability. Certainly worth a play through for anyone!

3: Pokemon Sword/Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword is an interesting game, but is the first Pokemon game in a long time to really catch my heart. The shiny Ponyta is on my list of things to catch as I currently work through the storyline, and meeting all of the BallGuy’s in the game is pretty neat. The only character I really dislike is the best friend/rival, and maybe that’s just due to my own personality, but he just seems to pop up at moments when my goal is on getting to the next location. Over all it’s a fantastic game, and a lot of fun.

4: The Sims 4 (plus expansions)

I’m not ashamed to say that The Sims 4 pulled me in this year and I became obsessed. I’ve clocked in over 500 hours playing through multiple stories, downloading custom content, mods, and adding expansions and game play. I’ve become attune to the sim language ‘sul sul’ and just love the creativity of the community. It’s honestly one of the nicest communities I’ve been apart of and reminded me why I enjoy gaming so much. This is probably one of the few games EA does right.

5: Resident Evil 2: Remake

Resident Evil is a game and series that have been apart of my life since I was a young child. I love horror genre games. While I have yet to beat this game, I do think the mechanics, art, and storyline are amazing and worth a full playthrough. So for nostalgia reasons, it does get a spot on my top 5 games of 2019.